We publish creative fiction by a digital generation.


Tired of way too many shoot-em-ups? Miss narrative-based gaming? It's time to write for video games.

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"You're not in Kansas anymore..." We're looking for script writers who can write for television, film & animation.

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"Don't worry if i write rhymes, i write checks!" Who doesn't love listening to Music Lyrics? But can you write them?

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Featured Storytellers

"You don't call me, you don't write. So don't show up in the middle of the night 2 say that you've been thinkin, cuz we know its jst the drinkin."

When my world is better than reality.

Bana Abu-Maizer, Social Storyteller
"The world as we know it ended at half past five.  No big bang.  No thunderstorm, brimstone, storms.  Just a cessation of life as we know it."

The End

Ammar Majali, Creative Writer
"I am lesser than a skeletal embodiment, than a decadence, of bygone heart palpitations; - I am a fracturable nest of what little parts of you, you’ve allowed me to despoil."


Aya Lozi, Poet & Songwriter
"I knew after the first day of school that I would be a social outcast... despite my father’s orders to tell everyone that he was a Roman Catholic, I told the kids at IC that I was proud to be Lebanese, to be half-Jewish and to be a boy from America."

All Along the River

Joseph Rauch, Creative Writer


Project pen team have a background in digital media and marketing, art, journalism and publishing. We work in two languages: Arabic, and English.

Thomas Wolfing is a mysterious fictional character & art-superhero. He's the mastermind behind project pen Game, and a whole lot else.

Chris Yeoh

Content Development

Chris is in charge of online content at Project Pen. He plays Guitar and digs Jordan.

Maisa Khudair


Maisa Khudair combines classical Arabic with cutting-edge skills in digital content, and is Co-Founder and Arabic Publisher at project pen.

John Lillywhite


John brings the lessons of an Oxford History degree, a diploma in Law, and a misspent youth to the internet. He lives in a world of books, games, movies and stories. 

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We publish stories by a digital generation.

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