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Grand Prize Winner: Tangled Stories



"She loved walking in crowded cities, her eyes always skipped the skylines and and the sidewalks and seemed to find comfort in resting on passersby. See, she always used to play this game, she would walk past people and collect stories - treasures, as she calls them. She believed that we are all unknowingly writing this gigantic, universal story, each of us adding a small part and that all those small parts would eventually intertwine. And it was her favorite game to find parts of this story. She listened in on people’s talks as she walked by and connected bits and pieces of their conversations.

Today, she heard a woman gasp “How heart-breaking” and another add from a distance “They raised the tax on the tomatoes”, a few more steps away was a child yelling “It’s not fair mom!”. A young man jogged by wearing a shirt that said “Stand up for a change” and in the corner an old man sat alone with a sign “Times change but we never do”. She smiled, wrote down those treasures into her little notebook, then walked home with that same thought on her mind: We’re all just tangled stories, anyway.”

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Silver Winner: Doodi



"I called him Doodi. I would be up early in the morning eager for what adventure land we’re off to. It was summer break, back when my biggest fears were bad school grades, and my best friend would pick me up every morning. We’d go have a delicious breakfast at an old restaurant in down town, followed by a thrilling visit to his tailor friend who happens to be named Adnan Alkhayyat, then off to a big, wide book store filled with endless pages; we pick a book of my choice, head towards any mini market to buy the ultimate heat quencher: a red Askimo, and sit in the public park to read the book. Doodi was the person who taught me how to swing, how to beat the boy sitting on the swing next to me just be flying higher - go!

On winter breaks he would take me to throw rocks at water ponds, he always wanted me to aim higher, further and stronger, and that was my favorite thing to do. Doodi would also hide candy for me under pillows, carpets and behind doors, he would say: “Call the small blue bird to give you your candy”. He taught me how to draw, how to enjoy reading and imagining the stories of 1001 nights even if I was only 8 years old. He was my grandfather, bless his resting soul, and he gave me the gift of memories.”

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